It’s pleasant to be with those who are pleasant,

With people who know how to say

The things that make you feel easy

Who bring out the good day by day.


But this little piece concerns others

Who can’t take things as they come

Who must look for the thistles in roses

Who can’t see the cake for the crumbs.


This person when given a gift of a tree

Will see how much work it will take

To plant and to water and to spray and to prune

Who can’t see the shade but the rake.


When given a gift of nice towels

Will complain because they are white

And if it weren’t for that dark colored stripe,

Could be bleached and turn out all right.


When the family gathers to sing,

A beautiful song will inspire.

While most will sit quietly and think,

This one calls the writer a liar.


So when given a heaping of blessings

I’m sure that they always can find

A handful of complaints and suggestions

But of course, the hearer won’t mind.


Sharon with Mary, I think.

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3 Responses to Poem

  1. Very nice! Of course, thehearer won’t mind…. (oh, I hope so, anyway) because in the past I have been a complainer, but finally learned to keep my mouth shut, and my mind shut. It is so much better just enduring.

    • O, and I agree – it is just much better to “endure a wrong suffered,” as Paul wrote. I, too have had to learn to shut my mouth. (1 Thess 4:11) But, this isn’t about enduring so much as receiving a good blessing and finding something to complain about anyway. Never your problem, I’m sure of that!

  2. At least, *they think* the hearer won’t mind. At least, that’s how it sometimes seems. “Everyone is entitled to my opinion” seems to be the motto of some people. I wrote this because of frustation of listening to one of these people for a couple of days straight.

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