Ten 2013 Goals

I looked back at my 2012 goals and realized I didn’t do well with them. Here we are again with more goals.Here are ten of my goals for 2013:

  1. Learn more Spanish
  2. Read through my Spanish New Testament
  3. Wear more aprons
  4. Visit more with my inlaws
  5. Send anniversary and graduation cards on time
  6. Plant Sweet Peas
  7. Grow a vegetable garden the bio-intensive way
  8. Sew 80% of clothing and household linens and decor
  9. Get up by 5:30
  10. Write real post office letters
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4 Responses to Ten 2013 Goals

  1. Oh, Sharon Rose, I was hoping to see one of your goals …. to do blogging more often …. because I like to read your posts. Oh, well, maybe you will consider it along with the other ten! Love and best wishes for a successful year!

  2. I had that one in mind, too. Thank you. You are my biggest fan! I’ll put that on my list at home. It’s a little longer and more personal. Some things you just don’t want all the world to see, you know.

  3. Yes, I can understand. The older I get, the more I think about it, too. But then I think to myself that that may be part of the learning to “confess our sins” thing, and trying to be completely honenst, especially with ourselves. Not that I would try to convince everyone to do the same; NEVER! but just trying to be so honest with MYSELF! So happy that I might be seeing you more, though; you are so sweet and thoughtful. A most pleasant person I think!!!!

  4. surfercajun says:

    I could help with the finding of aprons!!! I had one made by a sweet lady named Marmee.


    here is one goal for next year… make your own bread. Marm can get ya started! …tell her lisa says hey! 😉

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