Another poem I wrote for our bulletin

The Shepherd Finds Peace


“And on earth, peace good will toward men”

Was the end of the message that night.

“Peace”from a baby born in a stable today?

In this world of chaos and fight?

Let’s pretend one confused shepherd lived thirty years more

And attended a wedding, his cousin’s third child.

There was laughter and music and kissing galore

Extra help for the wedding was hired.

What happened that day brought the shepherd’s mind back

To the night when the skies filled with praise

When he and some others kept watched through the night

While exactly five hundred sheep grazed

That an angel came to them and stood by their sides

With light, much brighter than day

And told them of good tidings of joy that had come,

The Savior to show them the Way.

But the peace the old shepherd for thirty years now

Couldn’t find – he’d chased after gold.

It wasn’t in pleasure or riches or games,

It wasn’t in what he’d been told.

But, here on that night when this man from the south

Called, “Jesus” changed water to wine

He remembered the child born on that day long ago,

And began following, believing the sign.

His feet were guided to peace from that day

As the father of John had foretold

Peace that is beyond comprehension

Peace that can never be told.   ~Sharon R. Smith

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One Response to Another poem I wrote for our bulletin

  1. Beautiful, Sharon Rose! Thanks for posting it on the blog!

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