Poem – The Day Came

Here is a poem that I wrote today to fill a space in the church bulletin I type. I like how it turned out. I do have to give Edgar A. Guest credit, though. I like his poetry – both the words and the iambic flow that his poems use. His work inspired this…

The Day Came    (by Sharon Smith)

The day came for them to go see where He lay,
On the day after Sabbath, with herbs.
But an angel came first and had opened the grave,
And told them, “Do not be disturbed.
Why seek you the living among all these dead?
He’s risen. Remember His words?”
And quickly they ran and with great joy they told
And all of humanity heard.

Seems to me the story shouldn’t end here, but this is all the space I needed to fill, and I wanted to keep the message short and thus, memorable. Hope you like it.

Sharon, with Mary

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