This year,

  1. I  will read the New Testament through in my Spanish Bible. Hopefully, I will learn Spanish this way.
  2. I have a verse a week to give me strength to deny myself and live God’s way. Week one’s verse: “If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.” ~Proverbs 24:10
  3. I hope to lose some weight, though I’m not expecting to lose the entire baggage of extra fat I’m carrying around with me. I’m shooting for about 70 pounds, though. Whew! That sounds like so much! Well, hello, it is! It’s all about denying myself and living for God, even in food.
  4. I will establish morning, evening and other house management routines.
  5. I will grow much of our own food and preserve food by canning, freezing, drying and root cellaring. Root cellaring is a new one to me, but I plan to at least bury potatoes and carrots in a galvanized lidded can.
  6. I will declutter the rooms in our house that are lived in. Only one room isn’t, which I’ll get to next year along with the barns and farm yard – that with Husband’s guidance.
  7. I will write more letters, send more cards, and not the email/facebook kind.
  8. I will prepare more meals at home and eat out less – ‘way less.
  9. I will sew more.
  10. I will do more in hand needlework, which by that I mean, quilting, knitting, tatting, embroidering and lucet cording.
  11. I will write on this blog more. 🙂

That’s enough. I hope your 2012 year finds you a better person at the end of it. That’s what we all plan to be in the beginning. This world can only be better when each one of is a better person. I can only improve me, so I’m praying I will be improved by the end of the year.

Sharon, with Martha

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2 Responses to 2012

  1. Good goals, Sharon Rose. Some, maybe most, I will put on a list for me. But the changes that are now taking place in my life is going to make a lot of this unreasonable for me. Quilting and sewing and crochet will be the limit for my handwork. Some computer for the genealogy. I am surely working at the weight loss, too! Lots to go! But still top priority is bible study, listening to the bible since I can’t do a lot of reading. Sad to see the gardening, canning, etc. leaving my way of life, but I just can’t manage that anymore. My last batch of peanut butter fudge wasn’t even touched because of the failure! The move into the Ft. Worth/Dallas area will be one of the biggest jobs Bob and I have ever tackled yet! Downsizing the living area will solve a lot of the clutter problem, too. But I still look forward to a good year!!!! Love you for your writings and encouragements!

  2. Sharon says:

    I’m so sorry Sister Mary that you are having to give up things you love to do. I can see it coming in my life, too. Maybe that’s why I really want to get busy and do these things this year. I wish we could chat while canning or quilting. Heaven won’t be like this! So, you must be moving to be near your children and nearer doctors? My parents just moved across the road from my brother in Oklahoma. This has been a hard move for them, too, but they wanted to do it and I’m glad because they are closer to me. Thank YOU for the encouraging words.

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