Wishing and Doing

I dearly wish I could tell you about my lovely antique doily-clad living room or the lavendar scented halls or show to you a picture of my newly painted bedroom walls.

I can’t put those here because, well, I want them but don’t have them. They are not expensive things to acquire, either. However, I must confess the reason – my house is simply too messy to be prettied up. There it is. And why is that? I think the answer lies in the word of God, as all answers do, I have found. Proverbs 13:6: “The soul of a lazy man desires but has nothing, but the soul of the diligent shall be made rich.”

I have to admit my laziness. I asked my ever-busy grandmother once, “How do you keep from being lazy?” She answered simply, “I just get up and work it off.” Sounds simple enough. Those words of hers, 40 some-odd years since still ring in my memory as such astounding wisdom. I loved her so. Her house and gardens, in my young eyes were perfect and lovely. It wasn’t fancy, but I couldn’t imagine a nicer place in the world. Laziness didn’t make it so, either.

I got up this morning and got on the computer to talk to a family member on “skype”, so while I waited for them to get on, I decided to read a blog that inspires me. Her “lavendar scented home”, as she describes it sounds just lovely. I thought how I wish I could inspire you with such beautiful words. But, if I did talk about how wonderful it all is around my house, I would be lying. Can’t do that – not as the child of God.

I began to feel a little down because of it, but then, I realized that in my messy home, I am not alone. I think the hoarding shows could come here and find a new episode actually. And, why is it all like this? I like to bring up the excuse that my painful leg has caused this burden of clutter and need for serious cleaning to occur. And, that’s partly true. However, I have to own that I am usually just lazy. My mother says I’m not, and I like to hear it, but I do know the truth in my heart.

So, I’m presently working on being “diligent” so my family and I can be “rich” in blessings, and maybe not too poor in the checking account, either. Being orderly does save money. There will be no double buying because of not being able to find things. Late payments won’t incur the resulting late charges or higher interest rates.

I’ll tell you a few of my “dreams” to accomplish before the Christmas school break, which will be around December 15th or so.

  • Declutter and clean the first floor
  • Set in order the second floor
  • Dig my new herb dooryard garden to be ready for Spring

Those are just three things. Even those seem like a mountain. But, I think in four months, I’ll make great progress whether or not everything will be perfectly perfect. I’m looking for great improvements right now. The doilies and lavendar scents are on their way.

I hope and pray that you will dream of making a cozier home and then, go about doing the task of bringing it about. No one is going to do it for you. There are no fairies or brownies that come in the night to help you out. Forget about family or friends doing it all for you – they have their own lives. Get up and do some work to have a house that the children in your life couldn’t imagine a nicer place in the world.

Sharon with Martha



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