Your Very Own Story’s Happy Ending

When I was first married, I thought I had my head on straight. I really knew marriage would have its troubles. I knew there would be days and maybe even weeks when I wondered if I even loved this man I married. I knew because I had endless teenage girls Bible classes warning me of all of this. I grew tired of the same theme for girls Bible classes: “Being the wife and mother God wants you to be”. However, you can’t learn everything there is to know in a hundred Bible classes.

Actually, I’m grateful for those boring classes. I enjoyed them, but I grew tired of them. Now, here I am, 32 years into happily ever aftering and I am so glad that had those endless classes. Now, I do admit that I fall ‘way short of that kind of woman, really. Sometimes, I feel as though I need those classes all over again.

As unqualified as I feel to teach anyone how to be a good mother or wife, I do feel qualified to teach you, dear young mother and wife to stay with the husband that you started with. See it to the end. The story of your marriage has its own ending. Don’t go messing it up with another story and change the ending. As imperfect as he may be, remember that you are also imperfect.

And, get this in your noggin – he is growing up – he *will* mature. His maturity will come better if you give him room to grow along the way. The story of your marriage will have a happy ending if God’s ways are your ways. God’s ways aren’t only good, they are perfect.
They will not disappoint. Truthfully, the times in my marriage that have been the worst are the times that I have seen me straying away from the word of God. It can be difficult walking against the bitter cold winds that sometimes blow from the husband. But, you can get through it, with God’s words in your heart.

Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 when you need to be reminded that  love is an action verb rather than a feeling, that the bitter pill of “love does not seek its own” needs to be swallowed.

Go to Isaiah 54 and read that your Maker is your Husband when your husband that is beside you doesn’t want to listen to the yearnings of your heart. When you belong to God, He is there to listen. When loneliness overtakes you, He is there to comfort you. He is the God of All Comfort! Run to God — don’t be over come in the temptation of running into another man’s arms. That will not end pretty.

No one said marriage would be easy. But, it will be easier *on you* if you see it to the end and find out how YOUR marriage story ends. It shouldn’t belong to anyone else, ideally. And, if you can have something ideally, have it.

Sharon, with Mary

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2 Responses to Your Very Own Story’s Happy Ending

  1. Very good Sharon Rose! Glad to see you back on your blog!

  2. Just today I learned something I can’t share with anyone, not even my husband. But, my Maker is my Husband, and I can share with Him and cry in His arms. There are times when I can only turn to Him. Without Christ, I’d lose my temper, tell people about this and in so doing, hurt them and hurt the one it is about. With Christ, everyone shares in “the peace that passes understanding”.

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