May Menu

Our menu for the month of May is “Money Makeover Style”. That is to say, “rice and beans and beans and rice”.

The economy has hit us all. We are no exception. So, here we are facing reality. There is a big opportunity to save money on meals at home. This month, I have made this plan to help with our food bill. I hope this will inspire some of you to take a long look and realize it’s okay to eat “poorly”.

This is the weekly schedule when times are poor:

  • Sundays – cupboard findings – this means what is available in the cubboards, refrigerator and freezer. The real planning for this comes the night before.
  • Mondays – Beans
  • Tuesdays – all vegetables and fruit
  • Wednesdays – cupboard findings
  • Thursdays – all vegetables and fruit
  • Fridays – beans
  • Saturdays – all vegetables and fruit

Just making out menus have been proven to cut costs on groceries.  For the most part, I’ve just written the main dish here.So, here’s the menu for the month I made out:

  1. Church potluck
  2. Beans, squash, cornbread
  3. Baked potatoes
  4. Cupboard findings
  5. Huge green raw salad
  6. Beans squash and cornbread
  7. Vegetable pita pockets
  8. Cupboard findings
  9. Beans, squash and cornbread
  10. Sweet potato casserole
  11. cupboard findings
  12. Huge green salad
  13. Beans squash and cornbread
  14. Fresh vegetable soup
  15. Cupboard findings
  16. Beans, squash and cornbread
  17. Scalloped corn
  18. Cupboard findings
  19. Huge green salad
  20. Beans, squash and cornbread
  21. Corn and barley salad
  22. Cupboard findings
  23. Beans, squash and cornbread
  24. Meal-in-a-loaf with fresh vegetables*
  25. Cupboard findings
  26. Huge green salad
  27. Beans, squash and cornbread
  28. Grilled vegetable kabobs
  29. Cupboard findings
  30. Beans, squash and cornbread
  31. Baked butternut squash

* I learned about this dish on “Homestead Blessings”, the bread making volume. You can see these on and roll over the “shop our films” icon. Click on “Homestead Blessings”. I’m slowly collecting these as I have the money available. They are a wonderful set of simple every-day instructions for feminine homesteading skills. I say “feminine” because so many of the homesteading instructions out there involve heavy farm work and building that men are more inclined to do. I have starved for more homesteading instruction meant for home – skills, i.e. for women. You may look at these, as I have,  and think, “That would work better this way”, or “That has never worked for me”, but, I have to admit, these ladies are DOING it, and I’m DREAMING of doing it. Better to do a home skill less than perfect than to not do it at all. I think you will enjoy these. My youngest daughter and I have really liked this bread making one, and we really like this recipe for “Meal In A Loaf”. (Simply, you make your bread dough recipe, roll it out to about an 1/2 inch thick, cut the sides at a diagonal about 1/3 the way in on each side, put your filling down the middle [here, fresh vegetables], fold the diagonal cuts over the filling, pinch together and bake).

Today is the second of May, and I haven’t soaked my dried beans for tonight yet, so I’ll be making lentils, which our family is crazy about anyway.

Sharon with Martha

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