Before and After – Clutter Clearing

It took a while to get the vacuum cleaner working to do the final clearing, but the actual clutter clearing was two hours’ work. Here are those pictures:

before chair 2

What a mess! Even if I knew right where everything was, which I didn’t, just the appearance hurt my brain and took joy from me, and my family.

Now, here is what it was after two hours (that included putting away and taking out the trash) and a good vacuuming.

Much better.  What helped me to keep at the task was my cell phone timer. I set it for 20 minutes, and went through six of them with one break. I’ve also worked in other areas of the house. Other pictures could look much like this one. I haven’t thought to take before and after pictures of everything. I’ll do some more later. There is still so much to do.

Now, I’m only showing my embarrassing cluttery ways in order to let you know that you are not alone, or not as bad as you may first think. It’s far better for Keepers of the Home to do this on their own rather than fall to the temptation of getting (or letting) someone “help” do this clutter clearing for them. You never know what they are throwing away, and even though you are not willing to let go of as much, still, you know what you have and in time will be able to let go of more than you did the first time around.

Now listen to me, it is very important that you get the clutter out of your house and car and out-buildings. Because, if you don’t, someone else WILL have to come do it for you, and it will be the price you will have to pay. So, either pay the price now and do it yourself, or pay the price of someone else going through your stuff and you having to listen to their demeaning talk. When that happens, be quiet and let it go. It is the high price of letting your clutter get bad enough for help to be ordered into your home. You don’t want that, so do it now, and do it yourself.

You will be so much happier to be more like Martha in this regard. Then, sit in your clean space and read God’s word and be a Mary.

Sharon, with Martha

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3 Responses to Before and After – Clutter Clearing

  1. grandmawacaster says:

    Just getting caught up on your posts. Love the way you do things!

  2. Dottie says:

    Sharon, you and I are kindred spirits. I fight this battle all the time. You are so right when you say don’t fall into the temptation to have someone “help” clear the clutter. I did that and it nearly cost me a friendship. She should never have come that day, having already been in a bad mood, and I was in no manner ready, physically or spiritually or mentally, to deal with her. Far better to do it yourself.

  3. Thanks Dottie. There are times when I just don’t think it’ll ever get done. But, following advice of just working steadily in small time frames does seem to be working.

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