Ready to Serve

“Be dressed, ready for service, and have your lamps shining.” Luke 12:35, NCV

Although, this verse is actually talking about being ready for the return of the Lord at Judgment Day, still, it was taken from the example of servants being ready for their master to return from a trip.

As a newlywed, I went to a Bible class at a local preachers’ school. It was the classes for the wives or any woman wishing to attend. I was so happy to find these classes they offered. One of the things I learned from a teacher there was to get up, get dressed, all the way to hose (or socks) and shoes, hair and face fixed, so that if anyone calls you, you’ll be ready to go serve in any way. This NCV version sounds just like my teacher.

Here’s a definition for the word, “organize” from a pocket Webster’s Dictionary. It reads, “to prepare as to be ready for service”. I’ve never found a dictionary since with this definition, but I think this is the best one yet.

So today, I started the day getting dressed to my shoes, went to work on an obligation at the church building, and am now home to declutter for two hours and work on this list before I sit down to rest and quilt:

  • wash three loads laundry
  • vacuum
  • sweep, mop the kitchen
  • take out the trash
  • clean the glass door and bathroom mirrors
  • clean the refrigerator
  • dust

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll be brave and post a before and after picture of my decluttering job. I have a very cluttered area around my rocking chair that I’m going to work on today.

What are you going to do today to make yourself “ready for service” when your family is in need of clean socks, or someone calls and would like to come over for a chat? Cleaning house is indeed a service for the Lord, and one way to be ready not only for people about us, but for when the Lord returns, and we have been able to bring others closer to Him because we were ready for serving them.

Sharon with Martha

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