March Ahead!

Today is the end of February. February is kind of the beginning of the new year to me. My birthday is in February. There’s a sweet chocolate-filled holiday in February. But most of all, we get our garden started in February.

Husband has planted potatoes in a new way. They are above the ground with a thick layer of straw over them. We’ve seen this way demonstrated on several videos on the internet and on a dvd that we own. We’ll see if it works. Deep snow has covered them, and they are doing fine so far.

He’s also planted English peas, greens and carrots outside. Inside, tomatoes, onions, beets, and lettuce. The best thing of all, though, is he is finally building me a “larder”. After 16 years of living in this house, I’ve wanted the “under the stairs” space to be turned into an old-fashioned pantry. I’m so excited!

This has helped me to get stirred up again and get out of my winter sludgie feeling of slight depression to make new goals and get back to work at making my family’s lives as they ought to be, as far as is in my power. My power according to God’s way, that is, which is really dying to self, so it’s not my power at all, but God’s power.

I just wanted to post what I have planned for March as far as the main meal of each day. When I make out my menus, it gives me something to aim for. This is how I have organized my thinking on deciding what to prepare each day:

  • Sunday – slow cooker, and company meal
  • Monday – Soup
  • Tuesday – beans, greens and cornbread
  • Wednesday – oven meal
  • Thursday – stir fry – Husband’s favorite and his last night before he works all weekend
  • Friday – Salad/all raw day
  • Saturday – Daughter, Carissa’s choice

Here are the plans, just to help you with ideas: The numbers are the days. March starts on Tuesday:

  1. T – Red beans and cornbread
  2. W – barbeque chicken
  3. Th – Beef and veg. stir-fry with rice
  4. Fr – Huge raw veg salad
  5. Sa – Salmon patties
  6. Su – baked chicken
  7. M – chicken and potato soup
  8. T – Lentils and cornbread
  9. W – hobo packs (everything thrown into a heavy-duty aluminum packet and baked
  10. Th – Chicken, veg stir-fry and rice
  11. Fr – Salad
  12. Sa – fried chicken strips
  13. Su – Roast beef
  14. M – Minestrone soup
  15. T – black beans and cornbread
  16. W – baked pork chops
  17. Th – Colcanon (It’s St. Patrick’s day – traditional Irish meal and delicious!)
  18. Fr – salad
  19. Sa – Home-made pizza
  20. Su – meat loaf
  21. M – Taco soup
  22. Tu – chickpeas and cornbread
  23. W – Shepherd’s pie
  24. Th – Beef stir-fry and rice
  25. Fr – Salad
  26. Sa – Pancakes and sausage
  27. Su – beef stew
  28. M – French onion soup and bread
  29. Tu – Navy beans and cornbread
  30. W – Chicken rice casserole
  31. Th – Chicken stir-fry and rice

Hope that was some inspiration for you. After I do this, I fill in the specifics on the upcoming week. To be honest, I don’t usually stick exactly to this plan. However, it does give me something to aim at.

I’m also getting a little more de-cluttering done. March is a good time for “Spring Cleaning”.  I’ve always wanted to do one huge Spring-Clean, but I’ve never done that and I won’t be starting this year. I really think that difficult job can only be accomplished if your house is fairly clean all year and free of unnecessary clutter.

I think of Laura in the Little House book when she spent a week (I think) doing her mother’s Spring cleaning for her while Ma was away. At the end, she said the house was sparkling clean, but she was filthy – probably not exact quotes. I’m sure the Ingalls’ family were free of the clutter we burden ourselves with today and with every day centered at home, the houses in their day were generally cleaner on a daily basis than ours are today (speaking in averages, of course).

I’m just hoping to make major improvements in March, but not to expect a sparkling house.

Sharon with Martha

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