Just a Couple of Hours

Monday is my “heavy cleaning” day. I almost snicker at that, because I’m more of a light cleaner on any given day, including my heavy cleaning day. But, it’s one of my many pursuits on the road to becoming the woman I believe God wants me to be.

Today, I planned to spend no less than three and a half hours just on cleaning. This was not to include the laundry or sewing or meal preparation – just cleaning. I did manage to clean a little over two hours.

Now, this is not what I had intended since I meant to spend three and a half hours. Still, those two hours of just cleaning got a lot accomplished. The timer was set for 30 minutes at a time, and in between, I did some laundry, made lunch and supper and managed to waste a lot of time. I still have a lot of improving to do. Yet, I’m on my way to having that house that anyone can stop by unnanounced and come on in!

Practicing hospitality is my aim, but being able to find that missing house key is a “good thing”. Blessings upon blessings in small packages, just a couple of hours.

~Sharon with Martha

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5 Responses to Just a Couple of Hours

  1. Mary E. Wacaster says:

    I love your little pictures!
    So I was never the best of housekeepers, but I did better than most. But when I did have everything in apple pie order, I was not told it looked nice, but something would be found out of place. I guess that is why I began to look upon house cleaning and apple pie order as something that is secondary in my life. However, I pray you will reach the goal that you seek; and before you get old where it becomes such a burden that you just can’t seem to manage again. But old age can be a spoiling time! Then you can be treated like a child again!

    • O dear. What you said about having everything nice and still some fault was found instead, makes me think of the scripture in Genesis 3:16 – “Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee”. The part, “thy desire shall be to thy husband”, is said much the same way in the four versions I looked at. Husbands don’t realize how much it would mean to let their wives know how much they please them. Can’t they see the efforts made? So often, men don’t realize the yearning of their women to please them. Then, when it doesn’t register with husbands, wives get depressed and can’t really put their finger on “why” they feel so. I think it stems back as punishment to sin that God put the yearning in our hearts to please our husbands, knowing that the husband’s yearning is to scratch out a living – see verse 17-19. We also need to realize their hard work and worry over money and appreciate that. Ah! C’est la vie!

    • Mary,
      The pictures came from brocantehome.net. The owner of that web site allowed her readers to have a few pictures for free. I’m kind of unsure about using pictures you find on the internet, so I was glad she gave those out. I’d take pictures now and then myself and use them, but I’m not sure where that camera is right now. {:-/ I do think pictures make blogs more interesting and easier to read.

  2. grandmawacaster says:

    Sharon, have you given up on this blog? I have been missing it, even though I slowed down on going to it. Do try again!

  3. Sharon says:

    Mary, thank you. I’m back tonight. I’m not giving up, though sometimes I do feel like it.

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