Reaping the Harvest of Procrastination

Saturdays are for family outings or just getting out of the house in some way. So that’s what I am reserving Saturdays for here. Managing the house so the family can get out of the house on Saturdays, or any time.

Let me tell you what procrastination does for long awaited plans. It ruins them.

For example, if you decide you’ll put off doing the laundry for a couple of hours, rather than when you plan to start that first load, then those hours seem to stretch until the evening when you think, “well, now it’s too late. The wet clothes will just sit all night getting a sour smell and I’ll have to do it all over again in the morning”. Then, in the morning, procrastinators, like me, will decide to wait an hour or so to start that first load of laundry… and it goes undone for another day until at the end of the week, there are no clothes to wear for the event planned.

I love those little embroidered dish towels that consist of days of the week with a different house work assigned to each day. They vary in jobs, but nearly always, “wash day” is on Monday — just after the Sunday Best clothes are in the laundry basket. Monday is the smart day to wash next Sunday’s church clothes. Those ladies of the embroidery dish towel era did not have Sunday clothes piled on the floor in front of the machine on Saturday night, promising to get up by 5:00 in the morning to get the family’s clothes done in time to pull the last sock out of the dryer just in time to get out the door. No ma’am! They had those clothes washed on Monday and ironed on Tuesday. There was plenty of time for getting out of the house to go to the market on Saturday.

Sowing procrastination during the week will reap weekend outing disappointments. Keeping things in order has it’s rewards. Procrastination has it’s high price. This is why God wants us to be keepers at home – so that we can have rewards rather than pay high prices. God’s ways are perfect. God’s ways reap joy. My ways of procrastination are anything but – my ways reap sorrow.

But, with God’s help, I’m getting better every day.

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One Response to Reaping the Harvest of Procrastination

  1. Mary E. Wacaster says:

    This is good, Sharon. And soooooo true!

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