Long suffering, and I mean, LOOOONG suffering

Fridays will be dedicated to loving husbands. This is the day when my own husband’s work week ends and he can be at home for a two day break, so this day is dedicated to him and all husbands.

1 Corinthians 13:4 – “Love suffers long…”

“Long suffering” is a good description of the word, “patient”. This is the way God loves. We want to love as He does with no exceptions. Of course, none of us are perfectly patient, but that shouldn’t keep us from striving to be so. 

When we married our husbands, we knew they weren’t perfect, didn’t we? As the years go by, those imperfections are usually still there and if we have stuck it out, they can get a little, or more than a little, irritating. This is when we need to remember to suffer long. We need to keep our mouths shut, we need to love anyway, we need to look beyond and see the good.

Bad habits, quirky mannerisms, disinterest, differences in upbringing are all things in a marriage that can eat away feelings if we let them. If we see these as simply being human, possibly these little irritations can be overlooked. Most likely, those things aren’t going to change in the 60 years you plan to be married. If you were to give it all up and divorce that quirky fella with bad habits who is seemingly disinterested in your decision of paint color, and marry another, you will likely be married to another fella who is all of the above, but in different arrangements.

So, I encourage all women reading this to overlook, go ahead and choose to suffer long, be patient and look forward to bragging about being married 60 years some day. There’s only one way to get those bragging rights – stay married. But, please do so as pleasantly as possible and be patient with that husband. He has to be patient with you too. I’m glad my own husband overlooks a lot of my quirky faults. 🙂

Sharon with Mary

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2 Responses to Long suffering, and I mean, LOOOONG suffering

  1. Mary E. Wacaster says:

    😀 Oh Sharon, how funny! I could have certainly used this advice 65 years ago! But we got through it somehow. Your words are so close, so true! In fact, last night I said I was sorry for a remark I made to him about not hearing the last of it if he put the iron skillet into my stainless steel sink and it rusted a ring in it! I told him I guess I was getting mean in my old age! He said “me to”…. haven’t quite figured out what he meant by that!

    • Talk about “bragging rights”! Now, if that is your worst “mean” comment for the day, then you are ahead of the rest of us! I want to be able to say, “65 years ago” some day, God willing we live that long!

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