Seeing through to the end

It is so very easy for me to be discouraged when I am having a hard time at doing anything anyway. With cleaning house and with losing weight, I’m sometimes bombarded from myself or “well meaning” loved ones that I’ll never be able to see it through.

I’m here to say that those as well as myself who would discourage others from self improvement have sidled up with Satan to break down hope. Even Jesus told that much loved, Peter to “get thee behind me, Satan”, so I know that Satan uses those we love to squash everything that is godly in our lives. (see Matt. 16:23)

I have probably been guilty of ignoring the good someone has done and looked elsewhere for something to criticize instead. I say I probably have because that is how I feel I am being treated now. (Matt 7:2) Working to make things better can bring out the most severe criticism in some that are prone to look at the bad side of anything anyway.

Generally, this kind of behavior has made me quit and crawl into a shell somewhere. Now, I see it as Satan using weak people to keep me from being what God intended me to be. What I am talking about here is that God intends for me to be a keeper of my home, to love my husband, my children, to be chaste, discreet, temperate, to be obedient to  my husband. I know, no one likes that last one, neither do I. This comes from Titus 2:3-5. God intends me to be healthy, and to be a joy-giver. How can those good goals be criticized?

I have to wonder if critics see that soon there will be nothing to criticize and thus destroys his or her fragile wall of self worth.

Jesus went through this. His critics were from his own people, not strangers. If Jesus was truly what he said he was, then the dominance of the Jewish leaders would be destroyed. Yet, Jesus loved them and died for them as well. He didn’t crawl into a shell somewhere and quit as I have done. He went on and became what God intended for him to be – the Savior of the world and the head of the church.

So, if you have been put down for trying to crawl out of a hole of a bad habit, remember Jesus. Love that critic anyway and keep going on. There will continue to be criticisms. There will continue to be a lack of “atta-girls” from some people. Just keep going over all of those obstacles with a good heart and reach your goals. There are happy rewards in the end. But, don’t count on the reward to come from habitual critics.

Have a beautiful day! Sharon with Mary

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5 Responses to Seeing through to the end

  1. Mary E. Wacaster says:

    It does get quite burdensum to listen to all the critical put down that comes, especially if it is from those we love the very best. I love your attitude about it though, and keep telling myself that Jesus went through the same things from those he loved and died for. His life was not “lonely” but it must have been very discouraging at times. But life cannot be lonly if “My God and I walk through the fields together!”

    • I hadn’t thought about the loneliness part of it. I guess I never felt so lonely I couldn’t stand it. It must have been because I could “lean on the everlasting arms”. Sometimes the only one you can tell anything to is the Heavenly Father. We know He won’t be telling our secrets and will offer comfort to boot.

      • Mary E. Wacaster says:

        I rejoice with you if you have not felt the deep loneliness that so much of the time can be traced as the cause of depression in people. It is the loss of a loved one, or a very dear friend that can cause such pangs of loneliness because of the raport that you had with that person. Or it can come from the longing desire to see parents or children that are so far away that you feel you may never see them again. I would guess that you have seen the loneliness in an animal like a cat or dog that litterally gives up their life because they cannot stand it when the parent or mate or their “master” dies. It is so sad to watch their loneliness and nothing you can do to stop the grieving. But so many time I have thought of how Jesus grieved over the children that would not come to Him. It must have been one of the hardest trials that He endured.

  2. grandmawacaster says:

    Sharon, I just deactivated my account on Face Book. I just can’t deal with all of that now. If you can put a post on there that everyone can see, would you let them know, and that if they want to contact me they can go to my discussions blog or email me? I would appreciate it very much.

    • Sharon says:

      I certainly can put your message on facebook. Do you want me to put your email address and blog address on there?
      I will miss seeing your face, but I do so very much understand. I will send you my last status in case you did’t see it. You will appreciate it I know.
      Love you.

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