Things really ARE better every day

This is just a quick message to let everyone who reads this blog – both of you – that I am working on my goal of decluttering, cleaning, eating less (not necessarily better I’m afraid). I have those three words, “Better every day” written on my little chalk board to see every day.

I am aiming to work in the kitchen 2.5 hours each day starting on October 1st. For now, I’m working up to that. See, that doesn’t include decluttering the closets and o, well everything else. It does include the kitchen, dining room, living room, bathrooms. But, so far, I’ve been working on the kitchen, but not two and a half hours every day. No, at the most, I’ve worked in there one hour and 40 minutes in one day.

This is lovely to read, I know.

Have a beautiful day.

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3 Responses to Things really ARE better every day

  1. grandmawacaster says:

    Progress is progress, no matter how small a step we take at a time, it soon becomes miles behind us. Winter months are a good time to form a habit like decluttering, because you don’t want to get out in the cold anyway, right?
    But today is the Lord’s day, for singing hyms, praying and worship. Beautiful day here, so I hope you have a beautiful day there!

    • Yes, Mary, you are so right about decluttering in winter. So many winters I have not taken full advantage of deep cleaning, even though I “thought” about it.
      We are having a very warm, but pleasant day on this Lord’s Day here. So glad the humidity is down. The night was very cold and the day is warm. Fall!

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