Contentment and Making Do

This is a post about Christmas and gifts.

Yesterday, I began making doll clothes for my daughter’s Christmas. She has an American Girl doll for which I have never made anything. I have patterns and fabric and time, so it’s begging to be done. Also, she will get a dozen or so mom-made Barbie and Ken outfits. I understand from her that no one in her class will admit to playing with Barbies anymore. Yet, at their birthdays, they give and receive that 11 inch fashion doll with enthusiasm. So, it’s a closet secret to play with Barbies in the fourth grade. (Snicker) I think it’s still okay for the 18 inch AG doll, though. I guess because that doll is more for looking at than playing with.

So, this year for Christmas, Carissa is getting 18 inch doll clothes and 11 inch doll clothes. She won’t be getting a wii or a dsi. She will be forced to learn contentment with what she has. Her dad and I have plans to make her other things, but if we buy anything, it will be a game or dvd to go with what she already has.

This is a bad year for everyone financially and our home is no different. We are learning to deal with being content with what we have. We’re learning to “make-do”, though we’ll not be as good as our mothers or grandmothers were.

What are you doing for Christmas gifts this year? Do you have a hand for woodworking? Scrapbooking? Knitting? Sewing? Now is the time to start putting that talent to use in making Christmas gifts. 

Tasha Tudor says she never gets in a hurry. Yet she got so much done in her lifetime. In her Christmas video, “Take Peace” she explains why she starts Christmas in either June or July. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, she says. She had a trunk that she stowed away her hand knittings and sewings and puppet makings as gifts for her family. To make gifts this year, begin now. If you start in December or even November, you will be asking for stress.

If you look in the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder in the chapters on Christmas, you’ll see all the wondrous gifts given and received were really quite simple and mostly hand made. The most time consuming one, I suppose was the knitted lace that Laura made for Mary’s Christmas. She started so early, that Laura went ahead and gave it to Mary to use on her college petticoat. What a precious gift! Hand knit lace! Laura thought ‘way ahead.

Today, I’m working on a dress for “Katie”, Carissa’s favorite doll. Only about 20 more doll outfits to go!

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2 Responses to Contentment and Making Do

  1. Shari says:

    I can’t wait to see your handiwork when it’s done. My aunt recently gave my daughters her Barbie doll collection from the 60’s. I started to make a dress, but the darn things are so tiny! I confess to using fabric glue rather than sewing some of the seams. LOL When you have the time and skill, I think handmade items are always extra special.

  2. Thanks Shari. Wow, what a special gift to your daughters. I like that she gave them to your daughters, rather than you, because she meant for them to be played with, not put in a cabinet behind glass. Or, maybe she did. It’s hard to decide on those precious old Barbies. I remember they were easier to dress than the bendy legs kind. And, hey, it’s okay to use glue. The point is, your girls will love it. One good thing about being so tiny, the sewing takes a fraction of the time to sew (or glue) as adult-size clothes! Thanks for stopping by!

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