That means…

I realized yesterday that “better every day” needs some definition.

It does NOT mean picking up one piece of trash from the floor or throwing out one science project from the refrigerator. I had the temptation to say, “there, that’s better” after I picked up some paper and threw it away.

No, to be better every day in my two top goals of controlling my eating and decluttering my house means to make a noticeable improvement in the area I’m working for the day. (example, our closet) It also means, and this is really the tough one for me – to get closer to eating within the five hours of 3 and 8 each day.

No one else has to notice that the area is better today than yesterday. No one else will know if I get closer to my 3:00 eating time today than yesterday. But, I’ll know, and I’ll have to be honest with myself. There will never be that dream countryside home place to come to; there will never be that healthy body to use in better service for the Lord if I’m not honest with the question, “did I make improvements today”?

One of my favorite quotes is, “Day by day nothing really changes, but eventually, everything’s different”. (don’t know who said it). Changes, however small must be made every day to eventually make everything different – different for the better, that is. I suppose if NO changes for the better are made, then the second law of thermodynamics will show to be true, which simply stated says that if anything is left to itself, it will eventually be destroyed. If we do nothing to our homes, if we do nothing for our health, then they will sooner than we realize, be destroyed.

If I work at between the 30 minutes and two hours for three days a week on the decluttering, then the “better” will take care of itself. On the other four days, cleaning and putting away around the house for an hour will also take care of the “better than yesterday” goal.

However, to keep myself on the i-fasting, then, it’s pray pray pray. Remembering that I am not my own, that I was bought with a price and that I have put on Christ and that I die daily to myself are all powerful thoughts to stay focused on putting away fleshly desires (eating too much!)

This morning, I made grits, sausage and scrambled eggs for my family. I love grits and sausage. But, I didn’t eat any. I was afraid that it would be so difficult to not induldge that I wouldn’t be able to stand it. But, something surprising happened. There was actually a wonderful happy light feeling inside that was more satisfying than eating that favorite breakfast.

The words to the song, “Yield Not To Temptation” come to mind – “each victory will aid you some others to win”. When one victory is won over temptation, strength is gained to overcome the next temptation. It is a comforting truth. Again – the peace that passes understanding surrounds.

Have a beautiful beautiful Labor Day!

Sharon with Mary and Martha

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2 Responses to That means…

  1. Mary E. Wacaster says:

    You get a gold star on your calendar for today! I will give it to you!

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