Better Every Day

This is my new motto – “Better Every Day”. I’m not expecting perfection or miracles or even everything on my to-do list crossed off. I am expecting however to be better every day than I was yesterday.

Better in what?

Well, in the goals I am working on I suppose. But, to be better at other things that are future goals to work on will be a plus.

 For now, I am working, not on losing weight, but on gaining control of eating, which of course would be a big step in the right direction of losing weight. Admittedly, I have about 110 pounds to lose to be where I think would be a lovely place to be weight-wise. As I have said before, I’m following the fast-five eating “plan”. It’s a type of intermittent fasting. Today, I hope to start my five hours more close to the goal of 3:00pm than I did yesterday. Yesterday, I started at 12:15pm and ended around 5:45. Today, I hope to have the five hours between 1 and 6. Carissa cooks tonight, so I’m looking forward to that.

The second goal I am working on is decluttering this house! Knowing I have a better home waiting for me in heaven will help me let go of things more easily than if in this life only I have hope. Being a Christian is truly a life with a peace that passes understanding. Anyway, today I hope to have a good chunk of the clothes sorted through. It won’t be completely done, but I’ll be working on it. The give-away bag and box of clothes to mail will hopefully be fuller today than yesterday. The kitchen will get 30 minutes work today. The dining room and living room are getting just 15 minutes, except for the clothes in the living room waiting to be put away.

Other goals I have in the future are weight loss, improving health, memorizing scripture, becoming debt free, sewing, quilting, knitting. All of these also get attention, but not as much as the two first mentioned.

Also, I have promised myself that every day I will do a little toward having a merry Christmas. Decluttering is a part of that. I looked yesterday at a Christmas idea book that I’ve had for years. This is not the year to make the handmade ornaments and knitted stockings or prepare the fabulous dishes that are suggested in that book. This is the year to be simple, but clean! This is the year to have a Christmas with ordinary familiar foods served in the serving bowls that we already have. This is the year to concentrate on smiles and laughter and singing – all free.

Now, I know that Mary made the “better” choice at the time of the visit of Jesus. Learning more of God’s word and serving Him are always top on my list. Cleaning house and eating right are right up there supporting those top “better” choices. So, today, I am,

Sharon with Mary

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