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Seeing through to the end

Sometimes, the harder a person tries to improve herself, criticism flies the hardest at her. Just keep going on and get the the end in spite of discouraging words. Continue reading

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Things really ARE better every day

This is just a quick message to let everyone who reads this blog – both of you – that I am working on my goal of decluttering, cleaning, eating less (not necessarily better I’m afraid). I have those three words, … Continue reading

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Contentment and Making Do

Making our own Christmas gifts is a goal many of us have. The heart-felt meaning cannot be bought at a store. Also, it is often a way of saving money for a holiday that we don’t want to begin to resent because of going into debt. It’s important to start early, though! Continue reading

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That means…

I realized yesterday that “better every day” needs some definition. It does NOT mean picking up one piece of trash from the floor or throwing out one science project from the refrigerator. I had the temptation to say, “there, that’s … Continue reading

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Better Every Day

The motto for every day – just to be better than I was yesterday in the two main goals I am working on at present: eating right and cleaning house! Continue reading

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