Exciting time of year and of life

Everything seems like fall, though it’s not officially fall yet. Do you realize it’s only 116 days left until Christmas Day? (I think that’s right – 30+31+30+25=116) http://www.organizedchristmas.com says it’s 115 days, but it said that yesterday, too. (?)

This is a beautiful time of the year. It’s also a beautiful time of life. The late forties, fifties, and sixties is the age I consider the “fall time of life”. The leaves on the trees are most beautiful if the summer had plenty of rain. Similarly, the fall time of life is most beautiful if that life has been watered by the living water, Jesus Christ. We are hidden in Him, remember, but we shall be revealed when He returns. When I see old people, those in the “winter” of life who have had a lifetime of living the Christian life compared to those who have not lived the Christian life, I see lives that are more blessed. It’s a good thing to grow old in the Lord. But, it’s never too late, either. It’s always a good thing to become a child of God, no matter what age we are.

Okay, aside from that, I am happy to be looking forward to being cooler and closed in and hopefully having snow later on. Where I live, it doesn’t snow always every winter, so it’s still something to look forward to and see the nice surprise when you get up in the morning.

And, the anticipation of Christmas coming is thrilling! Now, I must tell you in the beginning that we do not treat Christmas as the birthday of Christ. I’m saying this so you won’t wonder why I have not included church services as part of our Christmas celebration. We celebrate it as a national holiday with all the traditions. However, I would not for the world stop someone from thinking about the birth of Christ at any time, Christmastime included. It’s always good to bring to mind the things of Christ. Since we consider that as adding to our worship which was not included in the New Testament church, we don’t celebrate Christmas that way.

But, all the things about Christmas take thought and work and  organization to bring happy memories about. Anything good takes effort. Flowing down to the lowest point takes no effort at all. So, we must rise to the challenge of making good memories this time of year. (Well, at all times of the year, actually) The web site mentioned earlier has tools to help you get organized for Christmas that begin this week! So, if you’d like to have a little encouragement for getting organized, go see what they have to offer. There are several different plans, so maybe there will be one to fit your style.

For me, I have printed out one of their plans, the “House Works” plan, but I had my own plan even before I saw that one. I’m going to share that with you. I have already crossed one off. The two remaining in August will be crossed off tomorrow. Here is my Christmas organizing plan for this year:

Christmas 2010 Planning



Get the house clean

Plan handmade gifts



Clean house

Start making handmade gifts

Shop or get ideas at pioneer villages



Continue cleaning house

Continue making gifts

Start planning a trip to my parents

Start making plans for his parents’ Christmas

10yo daughter to make some Christmas pictures for cards

Take family pictures for cards


Continue decluttering

Continue cleaning house

Continue making gifts

Make an advent calendar

Wrap presents and label

Do shopping and finish by the Monday before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at our house with the in-laws if possible

Make Christmas menus

Invite family or friends for a Christmas dinner

Have homemade gifts finished by November 30

Send out cards the weekend after Thanksgiving


House decorations up by 1st

Outdoor decorations up by 4th

Christmas tree up by 5th

Baking for the season 6th – 24th

All packages mailed by 10th

Church visitation at our house – 18th

Daughter’s friends Christmas tea – Tuesday evening – 21st

Mother’s Day Out  – 15th


Neighbors open house – 8th

Decorations down by 5th

Now, if any of these involve you, I am putting the pressure on myself to make sure this happens, or at least be ready for it to happen.

Have a beautiful beautiful day

Sharon, with Martha

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