Adding a ticker. I’m not sure how it works

I love these little fun tickers that are available. You have to be careful what you want everyone to know, but I thought it safe to put my goal of getting all of our buildings and the land decluttered and looking as it was meant to look. I may add one later for weight loss, but for now, I’m just seeing if this one works.

As you can see, I’ve put on there “45 months” to declutter. How I came up with that was through, . She suggests to go slowly and on your own to declutter because you know where everything goes and exactly what you want to keep or toss. Her plan is to divide how long you’ve been cluttered by four and that is how long the goal should be to expect the end result of complete decluttering. We’ve lived here for roughly 15 years, and we moved clutter with us, so I’m counting from 15 years. That divided by four is 3.75 years, or 45 months. I’d really love to have it all done in a week, but that’s not going to happen. All of these long months will include two barns, two back closets we haven’t entered since the day we moved in (practically) and the pasture land that holds DH’s (DearHusband’s) “come in handy someday” treasures. 🙂

This decluttering plan consists of no less than 30 minutes or no more than 2 hours a day for no less than one day or no more than three days a week. It’s all about taking your time, but being consistent. The owner of the website and business is Clare Baker. She is from England. I’ve read her book and really like how she works. One wonderful illustration she shares in her youtube videos is a sunflower seed she planted. With seeds, you know they are growing long before they break out into the day, and then it takes many days,  even weeks before the beauty of the big cheerful flower is in full bloom. So it is with getting rid of clutter and setting the things that remain in order. No one knows for a long time that you’re even working at it, then you break into the sunlight and people can begin to see a change, but the final goal of the life that began in the seed isn’t realized until the house and grounds are uncluttered and showing the beauty of the cheerful welcome a home is meant to be. I like that analogy.

I’m still working on my clothes heap. That’s because I’ve been off the decluttering for a while, but I’ve been doing a little since I last did the major clearing. This week, I plan on doing three days of 1.5 hours of decluttering, hopefully moving on to my next decluttering goal, whatever that will be.

Today, I have paid our bills except three that will be paid later today, that are due before the next paycheck. That’s such a headache to get out of the way. That’s another goal – to get completely out of debt. It’s a monster, but we’re getting rid of it one month at a time.

Have a beautiful beautiful day!
Sharon with Martha

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