Spinning my wheels

Today was a run around off the trail day. Today was one of those days that if this were in the early settlement days would not happen. Today I went 50 miles one way and back to one appointment, then, picked up my child at school then 20 miles into the “big town” and back going here and there to houses to pass out birthday invitation cards because it’s against the rules at school to pass them out there. There were people to visit to see if they knew where this or that child lived. Whew! Why can’t they just let them pass the cards out??? Each child in the classroom was invited. Now, everyone may not get one in time if I can’t find houses or get addresses, which is also against the school rules, of course. Then, back to the big town and back home to eat a quick supper before getting ready for bed. My grandmothers would roll over in their graves if they knew their daughter posterity ran from here to there and neglected the work at home and put aside the beautiful artwork waiting to be created in quilt making or crocheting or shelf paper cuttings. Is the automobile a blessing or a curse?? It was a curse to me today in a way, and in a way, a blessing. I was just spinning those wheels too much!

Besides all of that, intermittent fasting is going well. Today, I decided to wait until 2:30 for my fast-breaking. I ended up eating at 2:45 and managed to end just a little over five hours later at 8:00. Remember my goal is 3:30 to 8:30 for the five hour eating part. Although I’m not watching WHAT I eat, I’m watching HOW MUCH I eat. Amazingly, I feel so wonderful. Still, I know the quailty needs to improve. Just the fact that the quantity is lower has made a real difference. I have to admit however, that I felt best on the raw vegan diet. I hope to gradually get back to that. I’m not going to beat myself up over the quality because I’m not going to change anything that will last over night.

Decluttering did not happen either. Pat takes one piece to a give-away bag as she walks through the house. This has helped her get rid of enough clutter that now she has to look for things to put in the bag rather than just pick them up! I don’t think I have to hunt for anything just yet.

Today I was more like Martha – buzzing about. I did not even read my Bible this morning first thing as I have been doing lately. That always messes up my day. I am going to drop some of the ideas I had for the upcoming birthday party and slow down to see the important things around me.

Sharon, with “Martha, Martha”

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